My name is Christine Chapman, I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified psychoanalyst; with advanced postgraduate certifications and studies in various specialties (see credentials page). In establishing my practice I’ve gained expertise in the treatments of anxiety, depression, sexuality, compulsions/addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex, food, money, relationships), infidelity, codependency and traumas/abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, crisis). I offer counseling for individuals, couples and families, as well as group formats. 

Beyond academic excellence I bring a real world perspective. As a result, my sessions are typically conversational and my contributions range from gentle guidance to direct observations. In addition to my analysis and counsel, I often refer patients to resources that enhance treatment: reading material, Twelve Step programs, nutritional/spiritual guidance and even or sometimes the prospect of medication through a Psychiatrist. I leverage my connections across a broad spectrum of therapeutic disciplines, and exhibit “good working relationships” with other mental health professionals (Relevant Therapists, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists etc.). And while I don’t prescribe medicine I do bring a comprehensive understanding of the medical model. These tools, joined with the real work of talk therapy, eventually lead patients to gain an unprecedented understanding of self and others. My method is uniquely collaborative with an integrative approach to treatment and recovery.